Born in Bali - raised in Paris - let loose in Amsterdam

The idea of founding RAINODD emerged when I was living in Bali. The island’s rainy season is pretty full on, so everyone keeps their rain poncho close at hand, armed and ready to face the epic downpours. Bringing this idea over to an already rainy Europe seemed like the obvious choice.

The current rain poncho market is deeply lacking in style and, even worse, barely scrapes the rim of the eco-friendly barrel. Creating a rain poncho that nails style and sustainability was not an easy task, BUT WE DID IT!

Rainodd ponchos are designed to be your best ally in town or in fact anywhere a sudden shower could derail your plans or mess up your outfit.

Rainodd is also proud of its unconditional commitment to sustainability. We select nothing but recycled fabrics, manufacture our products solely at GRS certified mills, are completely PFC Free (no fluorine used during the water repellent process) and finally make use of Noissue’s fabulous compostable packaging.

We challenge boundaries, creating products that are unisex, beautiful, sustainable and trans-seasonal – perfect for the world of today and tomorrow.

Rainodd designs unique pieces with daring patterns. We transform the sad, old-fashioned poncho into a stylish, practical, sustainable and, above all, responsible rain essential.



Why you absolutely need a rain poncho in your life

Keep on wearing the coats and jackets you love, just pull out your rain poncho when the need arises.

Stay dry with style. There’s no reason to choose between to be warm or to be protected from the rain. Simply whip out your poncho at the first sniff of rain and slip it off when you’re home safe and dry.

The rain poncho is as compact as can be, happy to be tucked away inside your bag, ready to be called into action at a moment’s notice. Now every outing will be stress-free, especially on those charming ‘all season’ days where the weather doesn’t know if it’s coming or going.

Total convenience when walking, cycling, on a scooter or while out skateboarding even though it’s raining, ’cos that’s just how you roll.

Clearly, whoever invented umbrellas did not have to navigate Europe’s tiny narrow pavements and bustling crowds. Nor cycle or drive a scooter with the double whammy of rain and wind. Who needs all that hassle when the alternative is much easier, more effective and a darn sight cooler?

Rainodd ponchos are probably going to be needed more and more in the future. The current forecast for the climate doesn’t look good. The seasons are out of whack, the climate is changing, and that’s down to all of us. But we’re really trying to change. That’s why we do our utmost to make our products and processes as kind to the earth as she bloody well deserves possible.